Pansari Inn Bridal Pack--

Pansari Inn Bridal Pack


  • Sandalwood Zafran Ubtan: Brightens and smoothens the skin, leaving a radiant bridal glow.
  • Argan Oil: Nourishes and rejuvenates for soft, youthful skin.
  • Ubtan Husn e Yusuf: Fades spots, evens skin tone, and imparts a perfect bridal glow.
  • Orange Multani Mud Rose: Acts like a spa treatment, cleansing and revitalizing the skin.
  • Rose Water Spray: Provides a refreshing mist for a hydrated, radiant complexion.


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Introducing our exclusive Pansari Inn Bridal Pack, specially crafted to give you that radiant bridal glow on your special day. Each product is designed with natural ingredients to pamper your skin and enhance your beauty. Let's take a closer look:

Sandalwood Zafran Ubtan:

Get ready for your big day with the Sandalwood Zafran Ubtan! It's a special mix that helps make your skin bright and smooth, giving you that lovely bridal glow. It's made from sandalwood and saffron, which are good for your skin.

Argan Oil:

Treat your skin like a bride with Argan Oil! This oil is really good for your skin. It helps keep it soft and young-looking, giving you that radiant bridal glow. It's like a nice drink for your skin!

Ubtan Plus Husn e Yusuf:

Shine like a bride with the Ubtan Plus Husn e Yusuf mix! It has something called Husn e Yusuf which makes your skin look nice. It helps fade away spots and makes your skin look even and shiny, giving you that perfect bridal glow.

Orange + Multani Mud + Rose:

Treat your skin like a bride with the Orange Plus Multani Mud Plus Rose mix! It has orange, special mud, and rose in it. It's like a spa treatment for your skin. It cleans and makes your skin look fresh and bright, giving you that radiant bridal glow.

Rose Water Spray:

Freshen up like a bride with the Rose Water Spray! This spray is like a cool mist for your face. It makes your skin feel nice and refreshed. It's like a drink for your skin, but in a spray! It's the perfect finishing touch for your bridal glow.

These products are like a special treat for your skin, using natural things to make you look and feel your best, especially on your big day!

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Pansari Inn Bridal Pack  

Pansari Inn Bridal Pack  

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